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Comeboard Group Company is one of the largest and most significant group companies engaging manufacturing, OEM, ODM, wholesaling, retailing and exporting etc. in China. The group consists of 1 headquarter and 4 factories, and each factory is responsible for its particular industry, such as chemicals, sports, machinery & equipment and Pet supplies. Our factories are located in south of China. The Group company has almost 3000 employees, and its fixed capital is over US 200 million dollars. The headquarter consists a few professional divisions, such as big data, global marketing committee, quality control committee, R&D division, E-commerce and retail.
Comeboard Group Company's products are overqualified by many international governmental institutions, such as GMP, CE, FDA and ISO etc. The products have been exported to over 150 countries, including USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Japan, Korea and South Africa etc. The group company has been one of the fastest growing companies in China. The reason why the company keeps growing rapidly for the past 20 years is that we treat our clients comfortably and carefully. We prove what we promised to our clients as follows all the time.